Wednesday, 11 July 2018

New Beginnings

Hello all,

It has been a long time since I have been on here which is just darn right rude of me! Honestly, I stumbled my way through these last few months figuring out what I wanted from life, what makes me happy, and removing what made me miserable AF!

So here's to being honest and updating you all on what I have been focusing on, getting rid off and starting afresh...

New Home

As some of you may know in April of this year we found our first home and began the process of getting a mortgage (tbh, I still don't know what it involves all I did was answer questions). Once that part was done it was all systems go!

We have been living in the city now for just over 2 years and whilst it's been fun and convenient not only for work but for the odd gin or two! It was never really home and not forever. Therefore with much deliberation for what we wanted in life and what made us happy we decided to buy in my home town.

It's a brand new development called Sloane Hill, the houses are beautiful but I must admit it's taking a while for ours to be built. It was provisionally to be June but this has now been pushed to November. We aren't in a massive rush but I am eager to join my family and friends, enjoy the walks around Strangford lough and all those things that the City cannot provide. 

New Job

For those of you that don't know what I do for living, I am in digital marketing which I absolutely LOVE! Whilst some don't understand what this involves it basically has manipulation at it's very core; I manipulate Google search results to rank position 1, I manipulate you on social media after you abandon that pretty little dress in an online basket (yes it's not fate I showed you it again on social media just so that you would return to buy it), I manipulate the data on analytics to understand everything about you (where you live, what age you are, what gender and what you're into) Sorry not sorry - I got to know these things!

Now that you have a flavour of what a bad ass marketer I am let me explain why I moved position. I was in agency life for 3 years+ it's where I learnt everything I needed to and fast in order to accelerate my career. I climbed the ladder fairly quickly and whilst I thought the title would solve my problems and make me the happiest person on the planet, it didn't! It took me months to realise that I wasn't happy - I know some of you noticed on my Instagram posts that I wasn't my chirpy lil self no more! I wasn't in the right mind-frame and without getting into the knitty gritty of it I knew it was time to move on. 

One night (like many) I was lying awake staring at the ceiling, feeling like that was it, there was no more to life than doing a 9-5 (or 6, or 7 or 8) coming home and feeling zero satisfaction. It was really strange actually I follow a few thought leaders in the industry and one person came into my head I grabbed my phone, went straight onto LinkedIn and began stalking/searching for who is it I want to learn from, where do I want to learn it and how do I get that job? 

As if by magic there was a position going within an organisation that had a mind-blowing team, with people I could really learn from, in an industry that was fast-evolving within NI - so I applied! The rest was history, I am t-minus 1 month in my new role and I haven't looked back. I am motivated again, I have a spring back in my step and I am smiling again (well not 24/7 because that would just be creepy right)! 

New Adventure - with bells on top

Ok, so whilst the plan was always to focus on buying a home first and get hitched second - the house can't delay things no longer! We have set a month/year to get married that is May 2021 eeeeeeek. I  know age has nothing to do with it but we really are in no rush, I want our day to be special & have everything & everyone that we want at it. Our families are MASSIVE which means it will be big, which is expenny meaning we are happy to wait! I have just turned 25 after all, there's no hurry and someone once said you should never hurry a Murray (surname to be!). We have begun venue hunting which is so difficult. It's hard to know the right venue for you, but they say when you know, you know. You'll get 'that' feeling when you walk iN! So here's to the planning. 

New Beginnings

So there you have it, all the 'New's' are shared. It's been bumpy, it's been stressful but I know that I am almost back to my happy self. Here's to a busy yet exciting year ahead! 

The Village Girl 


Monday, 9 October 2017

Sailor Hats and Newsboy Caps

So they're back! Sailor Hats and Newsboy Caps are back, and setting the trend for this season.

Looking back through the years I first remember wearing this style of hat when I was just 10 years old. I vividly remember purchasing two of the same kind; one for me and one for my nanny. I was as proud as punch walking through the village holding her hand, thinking I would one day be taking part in the London Catwalk (little did I know I only had a few inches left in me to grow haha).

It's funny how fashion brings back so many memories. I was always looking forward to the next trend as a child and without a care in the world, I was brave enough to embrace it! (Truth be told I'm not just as confident now)

 I'm sure you've heard your grandmother at some stage say "Oh I remember owning one just like that" Or "We used to wear those in our day". My nanny usually proceeds this sentence with "when I was young an skinny".

It's true what they say you know, the beauty of fashion is it's cycle that allows us to relive some of the most iconic pieces that generations before us wore. So this post I devote to my sailor cap, my nanny's hat and her beauty that I long to endure ... that's right "I got it from my Nanna"


Sailor Cap - ASOS - here
Boots - Last year Office
Skirt, Blazer, T-shirt - ASOS


Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Competition Time: Autumn Winter Launch

Hi everyone,

I know we are all in wardrobe transition with the new season fast approaching. We want rid of the bright colours to make room for the nudes, greys, mustards, wines and blacks to add to our Autumn Winter collection.

Lucky I am here to help protect the bank balance and help fill that lovely wardrobe ... I have teamed up with Buttercrane Shopping Centre to give you your first and finest pieces to add to your Autumn Collection.

This pair are perfect for Autumn. It's not warm enough for big heavy coats just yet, so Vila Clothing have launched the finest "Coatigan" that will keep you warm and stylish this Autumn. This little coatigan is available in Black, Navy, Grey and Charcoal worth £32.00.

As if that wasn't enough I just fell in love with the finest embroidered tee, and I thought you would too! It teams perfectly may I add with this little jacket. So why not be in with a chance to win both! This prize is worth almost £60! 

To be in with a chance to win all you need to do is go to my instagram page @thevillagegirl_ tag just two friends beneath the post and also follow the lovely @buttercraneshopping page. Come on girls you can't be bad to that! 

Best of Luck

The Village Girl,


Spotted: New Season Haul

The winter is certainly ramping up and I am excited for the winter warmers. Yes ok, it is sad to say goodbye to the skirts and lovely embroidery dresses that spring summer 17 granted us with, but who isn’t excited for a thick necked woolly jumper?

Here is a few statement pieces that I can’t wait to get my hands on this Autumn Winter. All spotted in Buttercrane Shopping Centre Newry:

Tartan blazers are all in this Autumn. This one with a fine mustard threading teamed with a mustard knit is perfect. This pair cost just £65 (£45 Jacket & £25 for the Jumper - all from Vero Moda) 

How cute is this combo from Dunnes Stores at Buttercrane Newry. You can never go wrong with grey its the perfect winter coat at just £50.00. Team it up with the matching embellished hat for £8 both at Dunnes Stores can you believe it? 

Yes that's right, its all about the chunkys! Is it even winter if your neck is bare? This bright squared scarf is just £16.00 at Vero Moda.

There is a serious amount of wine...coloured clothing this Autumn Winter. This duo both at Vila Clothing in Buttercrane Shopping Centre. 

Happy Shopping Folks! Keep me posted on your new season picks! 

The Village Girl 



Sunday, 16 July 2017

A little white dress and sunflowers to match ...

Happy Sunday all,

For those reading from far and wide, I hope you had the luxury of enjoying the fabulous sunshine that the little island of Ireland endured today (which is rare for us shamrocks). 

This dress is one of simplicity, class and elegance. It is the staple piece this summer and for many summers to come flattering many hourglass shapes, whether tall or small it's a dress full of compliments.

From the designers at Vila Clothing located only in Buttercrane Shopping Centre Newry; you'll not struggle to find this dress, dresses alike and accessories that will make any outfit.

Dress From Vila Clothing in Buttercrane Shopping Centre Newry.

.Shoes from Newlook.

Denim Jacket from Vero Moda also at Buttercrane Shopping Centre Newry just for £26.00.

Check out Buttercrane Shopping Centre to find more boutiques just like this...

P.s. Sunflowers can be located at your local Tesco's - haha! 

The Village Girl 



Friday, 30 June 2017

Summer Wardrobe Haul - Pure and Simple

If there’s one brand that has took me by surprise this week it’s Vero Moda Clothing. Tucked away in Buttercrane Shopping Centre Newry each piece is wearable for mixed weather which is what we seem to be having recently.  

This soft cotton embroided blouse is the staple piece for any outfit. It is so adaptable with trousers, jeans or for more of a sheek look team it up with these loose fitting shorts. I treated myself to a few pieces to include this blouse and beautiful suede jacket in red. Although if you're not one for bold colours, don't fret see more pastels below. Don't just take my word for it, check out some Instagram accounts who have also managed to steal trends from this classic brand  - I have a few mentioned below:

Outfit from Buttercrane Shopping Centre Newry,  Vero Moda
. Top £36.00; Shorts £22.00 and Jacket £45.00

If you're not into bold colours and are more of a pastels girl then how about this ...

. Top £36.00; Shorts £22.00 and Jacket £45.00

. Top £36.00

. Top £36.00 and  Jacket £42.00

Instagram Accounts - Vero Moda

Marissa Carter - CEO Cocoa Brown Tan - Check out her Profile here  

Chelsey Hazel - Check out her profile here

The Village Girl 



Monday, 26 June 2017

What to Wear to The Royal Ascots ...

Good evening all,

I hope you're well. I thought after many questions I would give you all a round up of my outfit for the Royal Ascots in London this weekend.

This weekend I celebrated my 24th Birthday in style.  To attend the Royal Ascots there was much deliberation over what I would wear to the Races of all Races.

So after many journeys right around the country to find 'the' dress and 'the' hat, it all fell into place when I stepped into The Boudoir in Dungannon.

The My Sister's Closet girls are absolutely fantastic! As soon as I tried on the dress, Anita was an absolute saviour in giving me all the tips and inspiration to piece together the perfect outfit.

Let me know what you all think ...

Dress My Sisters Closet, The Boudoir Dungannon £150.00; Shoes £19.99 Newlook;
Gloves £5.99 from eBay; Fan £9.99 Amazon;  Clutch Bag £23.00 Accessorize;
Hat hired £25.00 The Dress House Newry.

Hat The Dress House Newry hundreds of colours and styles to choose from.
 Earrings £1.99 Newlook

Hair Infinity MK Hair Salon Upper Richmond Putney. 


The Village Girl 


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