Saturday, 12 December 2015

Who's Judging?

We all live in a materialistic world, whereby some have more than others. But the harsh reality is, we get jealous. Jealousy is a horrible trait we know that, and no one likes to admit when this feeling prevails.

However, by taking a step back from it all and judging yourself, not in a demeaning nor cynical sense, rather, judging yourself by your own standards.

Without actually realising it, we have all achieved something, whether that be an award, a qualification, a job, or even a half marathon. My point is, these are all milestones that we need to appreciate, value and be proud of.

I don't know about you, but, I want to be successful. This week I created my 2016 'dream board'. Laugh all you like, but I have two sides to this board. On one side is what I achieved in 2015 and on the other, is what I want to achieve in 2016. Set goals in place for yourself, based on your dreams and based on your life journey, where you want to go and what it takes to get there.

Stop looking to others! Just because they appear  'prettier', 'smarter' or  'richer' than you, doesn't mean they are all of the above. We all shine in our own way, it's about capturing our strengths and building on them not putting yourself down in the face of others.


A young Marketer

I was introduced to Blogging within my first 'grad' internship, which started in August 2015 and ends in February 2016. I love it; the writing, the platform for opinion, creating a presence online and all that this represents.

However, creating interesting content for a desired audience is great, but only when you know how! Who knows what I am doing and whether I am doing it 'right'?

Well I am going to find out...

I want to become an expert in the field of Digital Marketing. Whereby I can optimize my content and get it right in front of those that want it!

In January 2016, I am joining the Chartered Institute of Marketing to complete a Diploma in Digital Marketing. So if you are like me and are fascinated by the power of online and what can be achieved when you know how, stay tuned, as I will be sharing with you all my brilliant findings.

Who knows what us ' Young Marketers ' will achieve when we put our minds to it!



What to wear this New Years Eve?

OK, so there are three different girls on New Years Eve, that undoubtedly wonder what to wear. So to help you out, I have put together the perfect 'outfit' guide that best suits YOU. Which one are you?

The Sexy Sparkler

There are those that like to go all out. It's all about the Glitter, Glamour and Glitz. This was my trend last year. Don't be afraid, do it if your devil enough - if not? Pull on a pair of sheer tights and class it up a bit!

Classy Collateral

Why not pull out that wedding outfit you bought? Yes, summer, wedding. I am not mad, I know it's winter. But those prom skirts are still doing real damage on the dancefloor! Dress it up with a bit of sequence or a classy crop top and you my friend are sorted.

House Host

If you are playing it cool and can't be as*ed with the queue for a drink, then don't let all NYE effort fail. A pair of leather trousers will dress up any outfit. Include some sparkle if it's appropriate and you will shine, even if it is just in the living room!

I wish you all a very Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year!!

Welcome to 'The Village Girl'

Hi Everyone and Welcome!
I have been planning on creating a blog for a while now, and recently I took the leap of faith and did it!

Starting out in a council estate, with my mummy, two brothers and sister I always aimed to please. Truth be told I love where I grew up. This year I was the first person in family generations to graduate. In 2015 I graduated with a First Class Honours and won the Weber Shanwick Award for top Public Relations student.

Well didn't I make my MAMMMY proud!

Now that 2015 is wrapping up, lets toast to 2016 and all that it holds in store. Be sure to follow me on my journey and let me know how you’re getting along too! I will be sharing nuggets of all things' Stephanie... that is, Fashion (shopaholic here); Life in gen; Marketing and a few Motivational articles thrown in along the way too, to dig us both out of the mud when it rises.

So I hope you enjoy and keep me right, for this is nothing that I have ever done before (be nice).

Growing up, breaking the norm and dreaming big – but never forgetting where I came from, for I Stephanie Geddis am simply just ‘The Village Girl’.

© The Village Girl. All rights reserved.
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