Thursday, 1 December 2016

Busy Bee, blah de blah ...

Evening all,

So as the weeks creeped up and my lack of posts grew deeper let me update y'all on what I've been up to (nothing hugely exciting, mind you, or is it...)

This time last week I spent the night dotting the I's and crossing the T's in sight of my final CIM Digital Marketing Diploma submission. It has been such a journey having begun January 2016 there were many restless and tiring nights, yet fingers crossed it has all paid off. I learnt a lot and if I am honest it tied in nicely with my "new" (not so new anymore)  role as Digital Marketing Executive.

Whilst that was firing in the back burner, there were a few exciting events I had the pleasure of attending.

Last month (oh yes we have hit December folks!) I had the most fantastic opportunity to deliver a talk at Ulster University on Strategic Marketing in the Digital landscape. Whilst, it was fired my direction unexpectedly I did ponder whether I was the best person for the job, or if I could bring myself to get up in front of a room full of masters students. Yet, I was quickly reminded by friends, colleagues and family that "yes of course you can - wise up!" (oh yes easy for you lot to say). Nonetheless, I faced my fear of being exposed and grabbed the opportunity with both hands. It was a brilliant day and I loved meeting these lovely students who I wish the very best in their final submissions, you will all do great!

Later in November, I attended a bespoke comms event Be Seen, Be Heard - facilitated by Belfast Media Festival. As an initiative I'd never heard off before yet, a familiar face presented, the lovely Susie Brown; I really really enjoyed it! I was perhaps naive to think that in this day and age there was any sign of gender inequality within modern day Northern Ireland. I in my young years have yet to experience this first hand yet, I trust the wise words and experience of these women. If you want to hear more about the initiative please visit the Be Seen, Be Heard site. Make your pledge!

When there's work, there's play!

On that front I attended the CIM awards which took place in the Europa Hotel, Belfast. It was a fantastic evening with a lot of well deserved awards and achievements. Truthfully an inspiration to us all. It was a late evening but all worth the while.

So yes I have been busy. Here's to December folks 🍸🍸 may we make it one to remember ...

The Village Girl



Tuesday, 5 July 2016

That moment of truth when you realise you're officially an adult ...

Hi Everyone,

As promised I would release a new blog post this evening, I apologise for the delay.

I should really begin by owing you all an apology for my severe lack of posts! I have been meaning to sit down and get typing for so long now but truth be told, I have been extremely busy. Busy? Yes, busy becoming an adult...

For some of you who are my close family and friends, or those of you who are my 'mutual' friends on Facebook and like a good old nosey, you will know that my boyfriend and I got our FIRST apartment together. YAY! We finally made the move, after much consideration we gave in and moved to "the big smoke" as they say haha! Well don't worry I am still just the same old Village Girl but, with long, annoying, traffic filled journey's to and from work EVERY day we thought we would do ourselves a favour and skip it!

First things first - get the wine and lets CELEBRATE ...
So with two weeks living in a brand new apartment and multiple trips to and from Argos, Dunhelm, Marks and Sparks - you name it we were there, we got ourselves settled before we jetted off to Vegas baby. Read all about our holiday to vegas in this post.

When we returned we were no sooner in through the door with literal bags in our hands and beneath our eyes, until my phone went PING! It was the lovely girls from my CIM Digital Marketing Diploma course to tell me that the results were IN!

Agh! With severe jet lag, tiredness and feeling DEEP holiday blues,  did I even want to know the result? Sure what the heck, I had to face the music sooner or later. So I opened it!

Well, I was as shocked as you are! I did it I got an A / Distinction in my very first module! Woohoo! Although I was smiling from ear-to-ear, I didn't have the energy to get up off the sofa, jump around and celebrate!

So y'all can give me a break and understand why I have dropped from the face of the earth...between moving house, gambling, shopping, partying and pool parties in the almighty Las Vegas, I abandoned the laptop!

Check out my post on VEGAS for some serious interest, envy or perhaps holiday blues - because that's how I feel lol.

Chat to you all soon - yes SOON I promise.

The Village Girl xx


What happens in Vegas ... Goes on the blog!

Hi all,

How's things? I presume all of you have either been on holiday, are on holiday, patiently waiting to go on holiday or have serious holiday blues like me!

It was truthfully the holiday of a life time. In an attempt to let you in on the experience, I have created a time capsule of some of my best bits...

First night in Vegas we went to MGM Nightclub for Calvin Harris when at the corner of my eye I spotted this handsome fellow below Mr Mark Wright ;)

In no shorter than 10 hours later, we were up dressed and ready for a Wet Republic pool party...

We cannot forget about the shopping - girls it is amazing!!!

Next up was a helicopter ride to the Grand Canyon - beautiful scenes!

Omnia nightclub in Caesars Palace to see Afro Jack! 

It was a lifetime experience spent with amazing friends, family and my man! 

P.s. I am not 100% self-centred I just won't feature anyone on my blog without their permission haha. 

I hope you enjoyed it! 




Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Northern Ireland Ladies Clothing Boutiques

What to wear in Vegas? 

The Finest from Northern Ireland's Ladies Clothing Boutiques

Yes that's right my friends, I am on a mission; A mission to find some top styles to chart the Vegas Summer Fashion in June!

So, I thought that whilst I was browsing trying to find a few classy, chick and fun loving outfits, I would share them with you! Here are my Top Four Favourite Outfits From Northern Ireland's Finest Lady boutiques ...

  1. Fresh White Co-ords
What to wear in vegas

This beautifully fresh white Co-ordinate set is a must for Summer 2016. Despite only discovering Primrose Boutique Ballymena, I must admit that they are bang on Celeb Style! Stocking all the latest editions from familiar Celebrity Fashion Icons, Chloe Lewis, Lydia Bright and other cast members from the Only Way is Essex. I think this summer 2016 outfit would catch anyones eye with a golden tan and some strappy sandals.

2. It's all about the Aztec Print

This loose shift dress is far from low key, keeping you stylish and cool in the humid holiday heat! There is nothing worse than getting ready for the evening, to step outside and immediately have your clothes stick to you. This stylish Aztec printed dress from Rebecca Jane Crossgar, will certainly have you feeling and looking incredible this Summer 2016.

3. Nothing less than vibrant COLOURS

This photo does not even do the Walk In Wardrobe Online Boutique justice. I could have selected soooo many beautiful dresses, if it weren't for the fact there were too many to choose from! Check out the Walk in Wardrobe Instagram page you will not be disappointed, so many beautiful designs and colours that will have you looking fabulous this summer 2016. 

4. Dress it up 

So we all like to go a bit crazy with the Boho style Jewellery in Summer and Summer 2016 is no different. The Statement Studio Jewellery have some amazing pieces that will literally transform any outfit, even if that is just a bikini. Check out The Statement Studio Instagram page for more pieces like this.

If you find any outfits that you think The Village Girl might like, help a sista out. Follow @thevillagegirlblog on Instagram and tag me in your photo, I need inspiration from y'all fashion guru's. 


The Village Girl 



Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Inspirational Women on International Women's Day 2017

Today 8th March 2017, we celebrate .... International Women’s Day

We have witnessed some of the most iconic women of world celebrate the achievement of women in an attempt to motivate other women all across the world and accelerate gender parity.

Here are just a small selection of those who stand for International Women’s Day across a few different industries

Women in Business - International Women's Day 

She who motivates Women in Business, we celebrate Karen Brady on International Women’s Day …
 “My life as a female football club Chief Executive, and now Vice-Chairman, has changed markedly since I entered football in 1993 and, while there is still some way to go, the issues I encountered on an almost daily basis two decades ago are mercifully on the decline”. 

Women in Sport - International Women's Day

She who champions Women in Sport, we celebrate the iconic Jessica Ennis on International Women’s Day …

Jessica Ennis won aspirational celebrity award in 2015 this highlights her entity to all women across the globe who feel empowered to make their stand in sport.

Women in Showbiz - International Women's Day 

She who stands for Women in Showbiz, we celebrate Queen Be (who else) on International Women’s Day …

 She once wrote: 

“Men have to demand that their wives, daughters, mothers and sisters earn more - commensurate with their qualifications and not their gender,"

Women in My Life - International Women's Day

She who stands by me, she who stands for single mothers, she who empowers her daughters to achieve, she goes by the name of my mum.

When something needed fixed;

When the Christmas Tree needed taken down from the attic; 

When ‘santa’ needed to build the bikes (yes plural); 

She used to say, humorously “who needs a man”.

Now, that isn't meant in a literal sense,  because let's face it today isn't about slandering males. Not by any means, however, this phrase needs to be understood and interpreted in the sense that, women can and do achieve independently.

Yet, there are certain countries in this world that with great social, economic, cultural and political differences amongst males and females. On International Women's Day, we unite, encourage and motivate those women to strive and succeed and stand for gender parity.

How will I mark International Women's Day - 2017?

I stand for hard work, because that’s what my mum represents. My mum is pivotal in my creation, my morals and my ambition to succeed.

 Today I dedicate International Women’s Day to my mum and I Pledge for Parity :

“To strive, succeed and share all that I achieve to empower women across the world to take action as champions of gender parity”. 

 Together with Lean In Belfast – we can all make a small (or big) difference - it's up to you!


Thursday, 21 January 2016

A Brand New Chapter

So there we have it, today I closed the first chapter of 2016 …

It hurt; that knotted feeling in your stomach, that lump in your throat, as I waved goodbye to my first graduate internship. I met some phenomenal people, with all very different personalities, but all very loveable! It was really the first time that I had to walk away from a team and a company that I had huge belief in, to pursue my own dreams. All I could think was ‘Is this selfish?', but I was quickly reassured by my manager, friends and family that it wasn’t. So with that advice, I grabbed an opportunity with both hands, held on tight and ran with it.

My second chapter of 2016 will begin on Monday, when I step foot inside the doors of a Digital Marketing agency! An agency? Who would have thought it? I am completely psyched! I have a great greed for all things Digital and I am ready to embark on upon my mission. I seriously cannot wait! I dedicate this blog post to my soon to become previous colleagues, I love and will miss you all dearly, but it’s not goodbye forever, it’s see you later.

The Village Girl


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