Thursday, 21 January 2016

A Brand New Chapter

So there we have it, today I closed the first chapter of 2016 …

It hurt; that knotted feeling in your stomach, that lump in your throat, as I waved goodbye to my first graduate internship. I met some phenomenal people, with all very different personalities, but all very loveable! It was really the first time that I had to walk away from a team and a company that I had huge belief in, to pursue my own dreams. All I could think was ‘Is this selfish?', but I was quickly reassured by my manager, friends and family that it wasn’t. So with that advice, I grabbed an opportunity with both hands, held on tight and ran with it.

My second chapter of 2016 will begin on Monday, when I step foot inside the doors of a Digital Marketing agency! An agency? Who would have thought it? I am completely psyched! I have a great greed for all things Digital and I am ready to embark on upon my mission. I seriously cannot wait! I dedicate this blog post to my soon to become previous colleagues, I love and will miss you all dearly, but it’s not goodbye forever, it’s see you later.

The Village Girl


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