Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Inspirational Women on International Women's Day 2017

Today 8th March 2017, we celebrate .... International Women’s Day

We have witnessed some of the most iconic women of world celebrate the achievement of women in an attempt to motivate other women all across the world and accelerate gender parity.

Here are just a small selection of those who stand for International Women’s Day across a few different industries

Women in Business - International Women's Day 

She who motivates Women in Business, we celebrate Karen Brady on International Women’s Day …
 “My life as a female football club Chief Executive, and now Vice-Chairman, has changed markedly since I entered football in 1993 and, while there is still some way to go, the issues I encountered on an almost daily basis two decades ago are mercifully on the decline”. 

Women in Sport - International Women's Day

She who champions Women in Sport, we celebrate the iconic Jessica Ennis on International Women’s Day …

Jessica Ennis won aspirational celebrity award in 2015 this highlights her entity to all women across the globe who feel empowered to make their stand in sport.

Women in Showbiz - International Women's Day 

She who stands for Women in Showbiz, we celebrate Queen Be (who else) on International Women’s Day …

 She once wrote: 

“Men have to demand that their wives, daughters, mothers and sisters earn more - commensurate with their qualifications and not their gender,"

Women in My Life - International Women's Day

She who stands by me, she who stands for single mothers, she who empowers her daughters to achieve, she goes by the name of my mum.

When something needed fixed;

When the Christmas Tree needed taken down from the attic; 

When ‘santa’ needed to build the bikes (yes plural); 

She used to say, humorously “who needs a man”.

Now, that isn't meant in a literal sense,  because let's face it today isn't about slandering males. Not by any means, however, this phrase needs to be understood and interpreted in the sense that, women can and do achieve independently.

Yet, there are certain countries in this world that with great social, economic, cultural and political differences amongst males and females. On International Women's Day, we unite, encourage and motivate those women to strive and succeed and stand for gender parity.

How will I mark International Women's Day - 2017?

I stand for hard work, because that’s what my mum represents. My mum is pivotal in my creation, my morals and my ambition to succeed.

 Today I dedicate International Women’s Day to my mum and I Pledge for Parity :

“To strive, succeed and share all that I achieve to empower women across the world to take action as champions of gender parity”. 

 Together with Lean In Belfast – we can all make a small (or big) difference - it's up to you!


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