Tuesday, 5 July 2016

That moment of truth when you realise you're officially an adult ...

Hi Everyone,

As promised I would release a new blog post this evening, I apologise for the delay.

I should really begin by owing you all an apology for my severe lack of posts! I have been meaning to sit down and get typing for so long now but truth be told, I have been extremely busy. Busy? Yes, busy becoming an adult...

For some of you who are my close family and friends, or those of you who are my 'mutual' friends on Facebook and like a good old nosey, you will know that my boyfriend and I got our FIRST apartment together. YAY! We finally made the move, after much consideration we gave in and moved to "the big smoke" as they say haha! Well don't worry I am still just the same old Village Girl but, with long, annoying, traffic filled journey's to and from work EVERY day we thought we would do ourselves a favour and skip it!

First things first - get the wine and lets CELEBRATE ...
So with two weeks living in a brand new apartment and multiple trips to and from Argos, Dunhelm, Marks and Sparks - you name it we were there, we got ourselves settled before we jetted off to Vegas baby. Read all about our holiday to vegas in this post.

When we returned we were no sooner in through the door with literal bags in our hands and beneath our eyes, until my phone went PING! It was the lovely girls from my CIM Digital Marketing Diploma course to tell me that the results were IN!

Agh! With severe jet lag, tiredness and feeling DEEP holiday blues,  did I even want to know the result? Sure what the heck, I had to face the music sooner or later. So I opened it!

Well, I was as shocked as you are! I did it I got an A / Distinction in my very first module! Woohoo! Although I was smiling from ear-to-ear, I didn't have the energy to get up off the sofa, jump around and celebrate!

So y'all can give me a break and understand why I have dropped from the face of the earth...between moving house, gambling, shopping, partying and pool parties in the almighty Las Vegas, I abandoned the laptop!

Check out my post on VEGAS for some serious interest, envy or perhaps holiday blues - because that's how I feel lol.

Chat to you all soon - yes SOON I promise.

The Village Girl xx


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