Thursday, 1 December 2016

Busy Bee, blah de blah ...

Evening all,

So as the weeks creeped up and my lack of posts grew deeper let me update y'all on what I've been up to (nothing hugely exciting, mind you, or is it...)

This time last week I spent the night dotting the I's and crossing the T's in sight of my final CIM Digital Marketing Diploma submission. It has been such a journey having begun January 2016 there were many restless and tiring nights, yet fingers crossed it has all paid off. I learnt a lot and if I am honest it tied in nicely with my "new" (not so new anymore)  role as Digital Marketing Executive.

Whilst that was firing in the back burner, there were a few exciting events I had the pleasure of attending.

Last month (oh yes we have hit December folks!) I had the most fantastic opportunity to deliver a talk at Ulster University on Strategic Marketing in the Digital landscape. Whilst, it was fired my direction unexpectedly I did ponder whether I was the best person for the job, or if I could bring myself to get up in front of a room full of masters students. Yet, I was quickly reminded by friends, colleagues and family that "yes of course you can - wise up!" (oh yes easy for you lot to say). Nonetheless, I faced my fear of being exposed and grabbed the opportunity with both hands. It was a brilliant day and I loved meeting these lovely students who I wish the very best in their final submissions, you will all do great!

Later in November, I attended a bespoke comms event Be Seen, Be Heard - facilitated by Belfast Media Festival. As an initiative I'd never heard off before yet, a familiar face presented, the lovely Susie Brown; I really really enjoyed it! I was perhaps naive to think that in this day and age there was any sign of gender inequality within modern day Northern Ireland. I in my young years have yet to experience this first hand yet, I trust the wise words and experience of these women. If you want to hear more about the initiative please visit the Be Seen, Be Heard site. Make your pledge!

When there's work, there's play!

On that front I attended the CIM awards which took place in the Europa Hotel, Belfast. It was a fantastic evening with a lot of well deserved awards and achievements. Truthfully an inspiration to us all. It was a late evening but all worth the while.

So yes I have been busy. Here's to December folks 🍸🍸 may we make it one to remember ...

The Village Girl



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