Sunday, 26 February 2017

Get the glow with Benefit Cosmetics ...

Evening all,

I hope you all had a lovely Sunday, whatever you got up to.

I always think Sundays are a day for relaxing, but also for meeting family and friends.

So whilst the first half of the day I was occupied in bed watching Gilmore Girls. The afternoon consisted of the grocery shop and then off for Sunday brunch with my bestie.

Before I headed though I promised Benefit Cosmetics that I would review their Sugar licious set - which was by no means a duty, always a pleasure.

If I am honest Benefit is part of my everyday routine, however, this little kit really sent my cheekbones on forever !!!

This kit came with a step by step guide which is nice. I love their tips and tricks!

Benefit High Beam is amazing it instantly highlights your cheekbones giving them serious definition. I use high beam most days as I think it really sets your bronzer.  I used he Hoola bronzer for beneath my cheekbone, hairline and beneath the chin, but then applied Sugarbomb blush on the actual cheekbone to accelerate the highlight even more.

The lip and cheek tint is also amazing. I use it more often on my lips as you're assured a long lasting plump and radiant lip for hours (even when the lippy wears off you can always rely on this).

Gloss is something I usually wear at the weekends, not so much to work but this as you can see is a really a soft gloss that gave my lips a real shine. This tied in really nicely to the overall look...

Would you agree??

Let me know your thoughts

The Village Girl



Sunday, 19 February 2017

He said Shi is Glowing!

Evening all,

This isn't my usual Sunday night ritual, however, I am heading out tomorrow evening (I know imagine - on a school night!) and have decided to put a fresh layer(s) of tan on.

I have tried hundreds of self tans, but this seems to be the one I always return to!

He-Shi express liquid tan always gives my pasty white, fair skin a glamorous glow. Its really hard for someone who suffers with milk white skin to get a tan that actually gives an even and dark colour without having to apply half the bottle. Honestly, I think I am a ginger in disguise - but fellow redheads and all other milk friends trust me this works and instantly too!

I managed to snap this bottle up before Christmas for just £13 in Gordons Chemist it is an absolute bargain!!! For this price I am not stingy with it, I use it on a regular basis and have also worn it to many events; Birthdays, Weddings and even my graduation. Everytime I always get asked "Oh where did you get your tan done", or "what tans that its lovely".

See it for yourself...

First Layer

Second Layer

Before and after - the  no filter pics talk for themselves!

Check out the He-Shi website today or even nip into Gordons Chemist - you could be lucky enough to snap up this bargain too!

The Village Girl



Friday, 17 February 2017

5 Spotless Skincare Steps

Evening all,

I have been contemplating this post for quite sometime now. I am not exactly sure what stance to take on it, but hey honesty is the best policy, right?

Two years ago I suffered with extremely dry, agitated and spotty skin it was horrible. I felt so insecure that I literally wanted to hide my face altogether. Whilst makeup works wonders it doesn't cover all the mess, unfortunately.

It was the worst my skin had ever been and I really struggled to understand why? I never had acne as a teenager, I mean I had the odd breakout here and there but thats normal for a hormonal teenage girl around that time, but it got so bad that my skin was swollen, it was red raw from my cheeks down. I could hardly even touch it.

People used to think I was exaggerating but only those who seen me without any makeup could see exactly what was hiding under 3-6 layers of foundation!!!

Although I didn't want to even wear makeup as it agitated my skin even more. Taking it off was another thing. I always used a wipe but my lovely friend, make up goddess and fellow beauty blogger Leigh Crawford had drummed it into me - do NOT use a wipe! (P.s. Check out her blog folks I just love it!!)

Sorry I'm digressing ...

At this stage it got so bad I felt like everything I put on my face; make up, wipes, moisturiser even make up remover was making this condition worse and worse.

So after numerous buys of skincare products and using nothing but water to remove my make up I went to the doctors to see what they thought it was. The doctor I spoke to wasn't my actual GP he was just in the surgery covering a "shift".

To say the least he couldn't care less, probably thought to himself "oh here's another girl with a minor problem which isn't life threatening please leave and allow me to enjoy my Friday afternoon".

 So after telling me I had achne (I was so so shocked because never did I suffer with this in my teens never mind early 20s) he gave me the whole spiel of "there are two options here":

 1) Go on a contraceptive pill

2) Take these tablets for ache - lymecycline

Now neither of these two options were "solutions". I won't get into the finer details but the first option was just not possible and the second well...

I did try these tablets but they were ridiculous. You literally were not allowed to eat or drink any diary products - there goes my love for cappuccino's and pizza!!!

So whilst I tolerated this for a few weeks, the tablets eased the agitation and swelling but it wasn't the long term solution (com'on you can't expect me to be anti-dairy can you??!?!?).

Invest in your Skin and stop wasting money on rubbish!

So I bit the bullet and finally invested.

Skincare is so expensive particularly when you spend so much money testing everything that is reasonably priced to figure that it was all a load of rubbish and just more money down the drain.

I went to a qualified Dermalogica skincare specialist in Carryduff called 'Chic Beauty Clinic' who do the most amazing facials with all Dermalogica products. No matter what state my skin was in before I went, afterwards it always felt so fresh and soft. It is so relaxing and comes highly recommended!

With this specialist advice I then begun to expand my skin care routine.

1. Dermalogica precleanser

I use this to remove my makeup. This is so nice on your skin and for anyone with sensitive skin I can assure you that it is perfect! It is an oil based cleanser with water turns into a milky solution and your makeup literally wipes away.

2. Dermalogica special cleansing gel

This is my absolute fav!! I use this straight after to give my face a proper cleanse. It is a gel that with water turns into a foam; just massage it in and then rinse with water. It leaves your skin so radiant. It really gives your face a glow.

3. Moisturise

This is where I should say the moisturiser  (I don't have the moisturiser from Dermalogica but i do plan on trying it).

Instead I use 'Simple' moisturiser which I mean does the job but I do plan on trying more.

4. Dermalogica microfoliant

I don't use this bad boy everyday as I do find that it dries out your skin but works a treat to exfoliate and really gives your face a deep exfoliation. This is a powder based substance that with water also turns to a foam with micro beads, I use this every other day.

5. Dermalogica charcoal mask

This is another absolute favourite, which comes out 'pre and post weekend'. This is a charcoal mask that you leave on for around 15 mins, just add water and again exfoliates your skin. Its brilliant. Its sure to kill of any 'upcoming' spots and again soothes your skin.

I know this costs a lot but Bronagh at Chic Beauty Carryduff check out their Facebook page is fantastic at giving you a heads up when there are any deals on, its totally worth it. All of the products above were bought post Christmas and I am not even half way through them.

I use the cleansing gel twice a day and a drop is all you need. I can't recommend these products enough. My skin feels and looks so much better. I still suffer with the odd breakout particularly round my chin which I've been told is hormonal. The rest of my skin is clear.

I recommend anyone with the same issues to stop wasting money on the cheap "skincare" treatments and invest. Speak with Chic Beauty Salon their Dermologica facials are amazing and they are qualified to analyse your skin and recommend exactly what treatment is required - without ripping you off they're 100% honest.

Anyhow I hope you all enjoyed these tips, if you have any questions please just get in touch.

A full range of the Dermalogica Skincare Products can be found here but remember to get your skin seen to first by a specialist like Bronagh who will give you a bespoke prescription to treat your skin - we're all different after all!

The Village Girl



Sunday, 12 February 2017

Black Jeans Losing Colour

Hello hello,

That was a great Sunday as they go, although it was absolutely FREEE-ZING!

I caught up with my bestie and we decided to grab some brunch at the General Merchants Cafe (which was amaz-inggg by the way - highly recommended), before hitting the shops.

This morning though after a mega lie in I tried out the most amazing solution to faded black jeans.

I am sure that all you girls and guys will agree with me when I say that a new pair of black skinny jeans are the most amazing buy ever. Whether you're dressing them up or wearing them casually day-to-day, they suit every outfit.

However, after just one wash you would think that they were worn for years :(

When black jeans go that terrible off-grey colour it seriously is my biggest pet hate and feels like a waste of money buying them in the first place.

However, getting to the point... I have found the perfect solution, which was recommended by a friend of mine.

I purchased "Velvet Black" a remedy from Dylon found in Gordons Chemist.

By placing this black die in the washing machine drum, I placed 2 pairs of "grey" jeans in a 40 degree wash and wallah! My jeans were like brand new again!!

This is definitely a must buy for anyone annoyed by black jeans losing colour.

So instead of hitting Topshop for my 3,32343,4345454 pair of black jeans at £45, I bought this for just £5 and it totally works.  You can also buy it for dark blue jeans too!

Try it out folks and let me know how you get on!!

Helpful tips from,

The Village Girl



Thursday, 9 February 2017

Why do I have a blog? Another Northern Ireland Blogger

One year down the blogging route and I must say that I am a little disappointed in my efforts.

Truth be told, I have had a number of reasons "why" I put off creating posts. "Why" is used lightly as I have to admit that the "why's" were nothing less than feeble excuses (works busy, nights out are more fun etc etc)

If you have asked the question; 

"Why do I have a blog?" 

then I'm sure as hell your talking Parrot. 

Whilst, I could attempt to bore you with the excuses I will tell you the honest truth... 

This journey started for no real reason aside from the fact that I wanted something to call my own (needy bitch really). I don't have any real beauty tips nor real solutions to your issues. However, I feel that I can offer entertainment and some golden nuggets of advice when I figure what's worked for me. 

When I first started out I wanted to keep the blog away from those who knew me best, however, that didn't go to plan (cheers Instagram for releasing 'people you might like based on your followers'😳).  So my initial plan went to sh*t when my mum found out in a local bar, my cousin found out on Instagram and friends too on social media. It's not exactly because I had anything to hide, rather, I was just embarrassed. There are people that wait for an opportunity to criticise and yes some of them people may well be reading this post, but I feel like I need to open my book. 

I have always held my cards close to my chest, I think we all do in some respects - but why?

Well I think we are afraid of what others might say about us. I have said on numerous occasions "sod them I couldn't care less what people think".

But those who know me well enough and have been partial to this lie know to ignore me until I really open the flood gates having heard a tell tale or someones opinion on me. 

So .... for what its worth I am ready to come out of the Blogging Closet - haha (what am I like)!

Again I repeat I don't have the solutions to your make-up troubles (I can just about do my own), nor the remedy for your wardrobe or the fantasy travel blog.

Behind all this is just "me", the person that some of you know really well and those who think you know me (but probably don't really). 

I ask that you take my posts lightly and don't think too much about them, but take an interest and if you're bored of the Twitter, Insta and Facebook creeping then sure knock yourself out with a quick read - you just never know what you might find! 

From the Shrigley Village Girl, to the Belfast amateur its welcome to some and hello to those that have already blown my disguise! 

Follow me on Instagram, Twitter and give sure while you're at it give us a like on Facebook

Thank you all, 

The Village Girl 



Sunday, 5 February 2017

3 things to do in Dublin ...

Hello all,

Last weekend I headed off to Dublin to celebrate the end of January Blues. Despite rummaging through numerous websites and blogs recommending things to do, places to see and restaurants to eat in, it was apparent that all were very much outdated.

So with no other option, I took to twitter and with all the 'Dublin' related hashtags in the world, I tried to reach out to an Irish Blogger who could recommend a few 'different' things - I got nothing!

So a shout out to the gap in the market - Dublin needs a new and recent lifestyle blogger!!!

It wasn't the first time I had been to Dublin nor was it the 2nd, 3rd or 4th, but having been to all the visitor attraction Guinness Factory (which is amazing by the way) I pondered trying to look for something different.

Here are my top 3 things to do in Dublin ...

1. Sophie's Rooftop Bar

A rooftop bar is the latest CRAZE no matter where you are, you instantly look for a Rooftop bar! This place was beautiful having gone last summer with the girls and enjoyed a few cocktails with the sun shining, January poses a different slant on things. Instead, Jonny and I booked into the rooftop restaurant indoors. It was a beautiful Italian which was extremely busy with great atmosphere. It is a must (however remember to book in advance!). It is fairly casual or as dressy as you'd like, perfect for a girly catchup or a meal with your partner before heading out on the town.

2. "House"

So whilst Temple Bar is great fun, atmosphere and full of rowdy stags and hens; when you've been once you've been 1,000 times before!

I wanted to see what else Dublin had to offer outside of Temple area. With a lack of blogs giving me any recommendations - I asked a lovely waitress. She recommended "House" so with a sure 'what the heck' attitude we put it into maps walked a few yards from Sophie's to be greeted by a Butler outside of what looked like an actual "house" (which is fitting). He asked with an Irish brogue "Are you looking for House folks, come on in". Well this place was really nice! It was very low key but classy. The music was great it was super busy, but we were lucky enough to nab a table for two! Cocktails and the gin list is endless so a great place for just the "two of you" or a group get together.

3. Cafe en Seine

Ok, perhaps I should have named this post 3 places to drink in Dublin. But you're in Ireland and if you can't beat them, join them. On Saturday evening, post Brown Thomas, Penny's and lots of shops the boy deserved to watch the Football (I suppose). So we called into this bar / restaurant just off Grafton Street where I enjoyed a Guinness, Dark and Stormy and a couple of Gins. It was really nice. So instead of a slap up meal we opted for a burger each. It was lovely and highly recommended for a post shopping trip to refuel!!

Well there you have it and if you come across any Irish Blogs please link them to me I was really surprised not to have found any that were up to date. It was a great weekend and perfect end to January!

The Village Girl


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