Sunday, 12 February 2017

Black Jeans Losing Colour

Hello hello,

That was a great Sunday as they go, although it was absolutely FREEE-ZING!

I caught up with my bestie and we decided to grab some brunch at the General Merchants Cafe (which was amaz-inggg by the way - highly recommended), before hitting the shops.

This morning though after a mega lie in I tried out the most amazing solution to faded black jeans.

I am sure that all you girls and guys will agree with me when I say that a new pair of black skinny jeans are the most amazing buy ever. Whether you're dressing them up or wearing them casually day-to-day, they suit every outfit.

However, after just one wash you would think that they were worn for years :(

When black jeans go that terrible off-grey colour it seriously is my biggest pet hate and feels like a waste of money buying them in the first place.

However, getting to the point... I have found the perfect solution, which was recommended by a friend of mine.

I purchased "Velvet Black" a remedy from Dylon found in Gordons Chemist.

By placing this black die in the washing machine drum, I placed 2 pairs of "grey" jeans in a 40 degree wash and wallah! My jeans were like brand new again!!

This is definitely a must buy for anyone annoyed by black jeans losing colour.

So instead of hitting Topshop for my 3,32343,4345454 pair of black jeans at £45, I bought this for just £5 and it totally works.  You can also buy it for dark blue jeans too!

Try it out folks and let me know how you get on!!

Helpful tips from,

The Village Girl



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  1. This is so great! Thanks girl! Haha deffo trying this!
    Also nice choice of the merchant in Belfast! ������ for sure one of my favs!


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