Sunday, 19 February 2017

He said Shi is Glowing!

Evening all,

This isn't my usual Sunday night ritual, however, I am heading out tomorrow evening (I know imagine - on a school night!) and have decided to put a fresh layer(s) of tan on.

I have tried hundreds of self tans, but this seems to be the one I always return to!

He-Shi express liquid tan always gives my pasty white, fair skin a glamorous glow. Its really hard for someone who suffers with milk white skin to get a tan that actually gives an even and dark colour without having to apply half the bottle. Honestly, I think I am a ginger in disguise - but fellow redheads and all other milk friends trust me this works and instantly too!

I managed to snap this bottle up before Christmas for just £13 in Gordons Chemist it is an absolute bargain!!! For this price I am not stingy with it, I use it on a regular basis and have also worn it to many events; Birthdays, Weddings and even my graduation. Everytime I always get asked "Oh where did you get your tan done", or "what tans that its lovely".

See it for yourself...

First Layer

Second Layer

Before and after - the  no filter pics talk for themselves!

Check out the He-Shi website today or even nip into Gordons Chemist - you could be lucky enough to snap up this bargain too!

The Village Girl




  1. Sounds amazing! Always on the look out for new tans so I'll deffo try this!
    Emily x |


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