Thursday, 9 February 2017

Why do I have a blog? Another Northern Ireland Blogger

One year down the blogging route and I must say that I am a little disappointed in my efforts.

Truth be told, I have had a number of reasons "why" I put off creating posts. "Why" is used lightly as I have to admit that the "why's" were nothing less than feeble excuses (works busy, nights out are more fun etc etc)

If you have asked the question; 

"Why do I have a blog?" 

then I'm sure as hell your talking Parrot. 

Whilst, I could attempt to bore you with the excuses I will tell you the honest truth... 

This journey started for no real reason aside from the fact that I wanted something to call my own (needy bitch really). I don't have any real beauty tips nor real solutions to your issues. However, I feel that I can offer entertainment and some golden nuggets of advice when I figure what's worked for me. 

When I first started out I wanted to keep the blog away from those who knew me best, however, that didn't go to plan (cheers Instagram for releasing 'people you might like based on your followers'😳).  So my initial plan went to sh*t when my mum found out in a local bar, my cousin found out on Instagram and friends too on social media. It's not exactly because I had anything to hide, rather, I was just embarrassed. There are people that wait for an opportunity to criticise and yes some of them people may well be reading this post, but I feel like I need to open my book. 

I have always held my cards close to my chest, I think we all do in some respects - but why?

Well I think we are afraid of what others might say about us. I have said on numerous occasions "sod them I couldn't care less what people think".

But those who know me well enough and have been partial to this lie know to ignore me until I really open the flood gates having heard a tell tale or someones opinion on me. 

So .... for what its worth I am ready to come out of the Blogging Closet - haha (what am I like)!

Again I repeat I don't have the solutions to your make-up troubles (I can just about do my own), nor the remedy for your wardrobe or the fantasy travel blog.

Behind all this is just "me", the person that some of you know really well and those who think you know me (but probably don't really). 

I ask that you take my posts lightly and don't think too much about them, but take an interest and if you're bored of the Twitter, Insta and Facebook creeping then sure knock yourself out with a quick read - you just never know what you might find! 

From the Shrigley Village Girl, to the Belfast amateur its welcome to some and hello to those that have already blown my disguise! 

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Thank you all, 

The Village Girl 




  1. Nice to see you having a crack at it Steph! :)

  2. Aww thank Daniel, it's been here for a lot of time now but think its time to expose it. Can't wait to read yours.


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