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Vanity Vs Real Influence in Northern Ireland; NorthStar Supper Club

Good Morning everyone,

I hope you all enjoyed my insta live updates at the NorthStar Supper Club event I attended on Thursday evening. A lot of my followers were gutted that they couldn't get a ticket so I thought that live videos on Instagram were the best way to keep everyone updated -  if you didn't see it, follow me here for next time!

The evening was top class and held in the all exclusive Merchant Hotel!! We were greeted with a glass of Skinny Prosecco (and I was later sat at the table with those who founded this beautiful drink, they were an absolute pleasure!)

When I entered I got chatting with the lovely Leah and Lynsey who have launched the all new Lusso Tan! I am very excited to try this tan particularly as it's a local brand and you know I love Northern Irish brands!  I am rolling out a competition soon for you lovely lot so you can try it too! All you need to do is follow me on Instagram here and tag a friend beneath the competition post.

I also had the opportunity to meet the beautiful and extremely hard working Diane McStay from The Style Studio Blog. I am sure you follow her already I DO! But if not check out all her fabulous hints and tips here

When we entered the room we got to meet the beautiful Louise Rumball of We are chapter three! This is an influencer marketing agency that was founded by Louise herself based in London and glam Dubai. The purpose of this agency is to connect brands with appropriate Influencers who have followers that are aligned with the brands target audience 

Now I really empathise the term appropriate. That doesn't mean the influencers with the greatest following, those are simply vanity measures. It is so important for brands especially within Northern Ireland to ask bloggers, vloggers and social influencers who their fanbase are? What is the gender split? The age demographic of your audience? The geographic spread of your following? Just because you are an influencer based within Northern Ireland does not necessarily mean that you have an abundant of followers from Northern Ireland and aligned with a brands target audience.

This information is absolutely essential for both brands and influencers. As my background is Digital Marketing I really understood the importance of understanding my audience. I know that there are a lot of influencers within Northern Ireland who have the vanity measures the 10k plus followers on instagram or whatever platfrom they utilise, but what is the make-up of these 10,000. Are they an audience that a brand wants to work with? OR is this product a product that your followers want to know about? It works both ways!

If there are any influencers out there who are not sure how to get the breakdown of their fanbase then please drop me an email I would be more than happy to help you.

Louise mentioned that this is the way influencer marketing is in London. It won't be long before brands within Northern Ireland begin asking local influencers and bloggers the same questions.

What is reassuring for my lovely followers is that the vanity measures are irrelevant. As a new and recent blogger I was so glad to have met other bloggers who have also just started out and are aspiring to get to that 10k follower mark and I just want to provide reassurance from Louise that whether you have less than 1, 2, 3  or 4k followers you're still an influencer!

Brands need to reach out to influencers who have the skill and hobby that they enjoy; speaking and recommending products to their family, friends and followers! Followers and friends trust recommendations from micro influencers. So to all my fellow blogging troopers out there keep going! The vanity measures do not matter you have 500 - 5k highly engaged followers! Trust me you have influence!!!

If there are any brands or bloggers out there that have any questions, again please reach out. This analytical side (is what I do for a living) you might think its boring but I find it interesting and would be more than happy to recommend ways for you to understand your following.

Lots of Love,

The Village Girl


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  1. I really agree with so much of this! I worked with a big client recently who chose me because I was seen as a micro influencer in my niche rather choose a blogger with thousands of Instagram followers, most of whom may not be engaged with the content - sure it's lovely to have 10k followers but for me with less than 700 I am aiming to grow my audience organically so that I know that each and every follower is actually listening to what I say, is really engaged and being influenced by it. Thanks for sharing this, v interesting!! K x


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